My first laser coaching session

Last Thursday. was a big day for me. I had committed on last week’s general coaching practice call to coach on tonight’s call. I did this because I know as a coach and a student of human nature that people are more apt to live into their commitments than they are to just hope to jump into things when the time is right. I knew that if I said I would, I’d have to do it, because I hate breaking my word, especially to others. Before the call, I had a session with my own coach, with the SuccessTracs program run by T. Harv Eker. We talked about tonight’s call and even more about my supervised coaching class that starts on Thursday. She helped me reach some great new perspectives about myself and my competency as a coach, and I was excited and chomping at the bit.

So I had no trepidations about getting started tonight. Initially, I had only the concern that I would have trouble understanding the student who had stepped up to be the coach client, a woman overseas whose name I had difficulty with, and who spoke with a strong accent. However, it proved not to be an issue. I had an excellent session with her, and felt totally confident, competent and on top of my game in coaching her successfully with her issue. I got such great feedback from the coaching client, the observer, and instructor Lou D’Alo that I was literally beaming, my right arm punctuating the air with my silent YES!

I had forgotten to record myself, but I did record the feedback portion, and after I transcribe it I’ll post some of that here.

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