Supervised coaching, day two

I’m blessed to have great coaches. My SuccessTracs coach, Barb Robison, helped me prepare for my supervised coaching. I also got great feedback from a fellow coach, Rob Stringer. So last week, my first coaching session went very well. I wasn’t thrilled with it, but it was good, and my feedback was good. I was determined to be prepared for the rest of the sessions, so I set out to find a good client for my class. I found one in Brian, a fellow who happens to be on my “coaching team” — as it happens, I’m teaching coaching fundamentals to several men to create a coaching-based goal program in a men’s organization I’ve been in for 15 years.

Tonight was great. I prepped Brian before the call, and went over my coaching policies and procedures with him, as well as the ICF code of ethics. We had some idea of what was up for him, and I let him know we didn’t have to do anything else before the call — I’d just coach him and run with it. The call went well — I felt I was in the zone with him, and I could sense his shift as we moved along. My feedback was very specific around the powerful questions I asked, and several of the other coaches on the call gave me great feedback on a couple of specific things I did — things they intend to borrow for their own coaching. I had that feeling of just wanting to dance! I made sure to give my coach, Barb Robison, props for her great opening question: “If this session were extraordinary, what would you want to walk away with?”

I also had the opportunity to learn from other coaches, and got some great ideas to incorporate into my coaching. I learned there is a great value in being on the call for the entire session, not just my own part, as it was a great way for me to learn from other coaches, as well as an opportunity to support those coaches by being present for them as they are for me.

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