“Some don’t see beyond the circle they draw around them”

I had one of those moments today. You know the ones — where you are frustrated by someone who doesn’t get you, and where you feel lik you are talking to a wall. I was in a chat room today when a woman, a kindergarten teacher, asked me, “What the heck is a life coach?” I responded, “A life coach is to someone’s life as a fitness coach is to your physique — I work with people to bring out their best and be clear and in action on their goals, be an accountability partner, etc.” Her response was surprising: “Thought my mom and dad did that for me. I’m all grown up now. I reach all of my goals now with help from no one but that’s great that you help those who don’t.” Certainly there is some validity to this comment, in that most of us have the ability to make goals and meet them. If that’s all we needed a coach for, there might not be a coaching field to be a part of. Then a friend of mine put it in perspective for me. “Andrew, some don’t see beyond the circle they draw around them.” And that’s a great observation. People seek coaches because they see far beyond their own circle, or at least know there is more to see, and they want it! They know they are stuck in their own circles, and are willing to do something different to get there.

2 Responses to ““Some don’t see beyond the circle they draw around them””

  1. anna taylor Says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I too have had the same experience with some friends an

  2. markinjapan Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    The fitness coach analogy was a good one in this case…I know from experience that I got far more from my “running years” by being coached.

    Sounds like the Teacher is doing just fine in her circle for now.

    You could have really stirred it up by exploring how coaching and mentoring are really a part of a great teacher’s repertoire.. 😉


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