When I was a young guy, I used to go to a place called “Ripples on the Water,” a catering joint and dance club in Whitestone, and the former home of the great songwriter Oscar Hammerstein II. Tonight, my peer coaching client reminded me of that place when we talked about the ripples in the water, the cumulative effects of making a difference in someone’s life. She told me a story about how she helped one of her patients “cross over” in a beautiful, peaceful passing to the “other side.” She told me this in the context of how much she’s been affected by watching “The Secret“, and let me know that my introducing it to her and inviting her to watch it has created profound results for her, and in turn for her family, her patients, her projects, and in so many other ways.

Seems to me that if you create enough ripples in the water, you could create a wave. What do you think?

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