Another milestone…

On Thursday, March 22nd, I had my final supervised coaching session.  The first five sessions had gone pretty well.  For sessions 2-5, I had a single client, Brian.  This was quite helpful for continuity, and for creating actual, measurable results that could be tracked.  With a few days to go, Brian sent me an e-mail informing me that he would be unavailable for my final session, as he managed to book a flight out of Florida at precisely 7 p.m. — the start time of the class.  I am pleased to say that I did not panic.  I posted on the ICA board my request for someone to be my client for this call.  Within hours, I had an enthusiastic candidate, Alexandra.  Alexandra lives in Massachusetts, but has a pronounced Romanian accent.  We had a nice conversation on Wednesday night to connect with each other and discuss the parameters for the call.

The final went quite well.  I had an excellent session with Alexandra, and received terrific feedback from the master coach instructor, as well as from the two other coaches on the call.  My oral exam followed.  I prepared for this exam by writing down in advance answers to the questions that did not refer to the final session itself.  This allowed me to be very present and not concern myself with stumbling and nervousness.  I did not read the answers verbatim, but rather, referred to them and also “danced in the moment” when the master coach threw me a curve ball or two.

I also was ecstatic to note, upon receiving my assessment on Friday, that I had hit every last sub-competency over my six sessions!  Many of these I hit multiple times, and some on every single session.  This was one of the big remaining challenges towards graduating the program.  Next stop… the research paper!

One Response to “Another milestone…”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Congratulations! That is just wondered and you must be so relieved. I started ICA at the end of January 2007 and want to graduate in December. I often wonder how difficult the supervised sessions are. When you say you prepared for the oram exam by writing down in advance the answers to the questions … are we given a set of questions? I am keen on hearing more about the supervised sessions.

    It looks like you are well on your way and I must say this blog is fantastic. I’m about to visit more pages! Thanks for the wonderful read. Vicki

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