It all starts with an idea

I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction: What you think about comes about. When you have ideas, get excited about them, and take action, results happen. You start to gather the resources you need, you attract the right people to make your plan come to fruition, and you make things happen. This is the crux of The Secret, as well old standbys like Think and Grow Rich.

As I prepare to graduate from ICA on June 1st, and attain my first level of professional certification as a Certified Professional Coach, I’m looking back on the results I’m having and how they started out as thoughts, little things like seeds, which manifested through time, action and hard work.

I’ve been a coach for years. The idea of becoming a professional coach came to me when someone asked me what I knew about the profession of life coaching, as she was considering a career change. I pretended to know much, but in fact, knew very little about it. Her question led me to investigate coaching. That research led me to the realization that this was what I was meant to do. I joined ICA, and two years later, I am “officially” a coach. (I wrote about this earlier in acknowledging Coach David Wood, a co-founder of ICA, for his immense contribution to my development and his place in this story.)

I’m also in a men’s organization, MDI (Men’s Divisions International), and have been on a team of men for over 15 years. At some point into my journey towards coaching, I had the idea of creating a coaching team to empower our men with specific tools they could use with each other to provide more valuable support. I didn’t know what this would look like or how I would make it happen, but I talked about it, I enrolled other men into my (not-yet-clearly defined) vision, and created a team and a program. We started this program officially in September, and now I have a team of well-trained men who can really impact other people, and who have developed skills in active listening and powerful questioning that they now use throughout their lives. The team also became the basis for my final project in ICA, a case study. In this study I had the opportunity of interviewing the men one at a time, and transcribing their responses. I learned a tremendous amount about the men; myself as a trainer, coach and leader; and the developing program.

It all started with an idea. What ideas do you have in your head? What would happen if you took action on your best ideas? Comments are welcomed!

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