Pronoia — “Man, they’re out to help me!”

“Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you.”  This quote has been attributed to everyone from Kurt Cobain to Fox Mulder.  Those of us into “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction” may have discovered the opposite of paranoia, or “pronoia” — the suspicion that the Universe is a conspiracy on your behalf.  Now how great is that?  How many of you blame the mythical “they” on everything?  “They” are out to get me.  “They” did this.  “They” knew I was coming.

So here’s another perspective, rooted in the Law of Attraction.  “They” are out to help you!  What if it were true that in fact, all you have to do is choose this perspective?  I assert that this is, in fact, the case.  I believe in the lessons of “The Secret.”

“They” are also counting on you to do your part.  Remember, you must be willing to take action.  I’m reminded of  an old joke about an old man who had prayed all his life to win the lottery, and as a man of complete faith was devastated to never win.  In Heaven, he asks God why He did not make him a lottery winner, despite his prayers.  “But Morris,” God said, “I did my part.  But you never bought a ticket!”

They’re out to help you, man!

One Response to “Pronoia — “Man, they’re out to help me!””

  1. Eric Says:

    Some interesting perspectives that you give. Discovering the Secret is like finding a doorway to a fascinating subject that everyone should explore and look into a little deeper into to find the secrets behind the Law of Attraction.

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