New Year’s resolution: Write more!

Happy New Year. I realized today that I haven’t written here since before Election Day. I didn’t write about riding my bike up Broadway in Manhattan after Obama’s victory was announced. I haven’t written about meeting Will Smith and acknowledging him for something he once said that I have used in coaching for years. I haven’t talked at all about my recent forays into public speaking (after talking about doing it for years); joining and consistently working out at a gym, taking on running (on a treadmill) despite exercise-induced asthma; renewing my love affair with the electric guitar; or even some wonderful performing opportunities I’ve had in December. I’ve actually had a terrific couple of months, and now it’s time to get crackin’, McCrackin! So… if someone were coaching me here, I’d have to make a commitment and a by-when, right? Okay… I will agree to write at least one post a week starting today, and by the end of February will have created the consistency and momentum to write in this blog at least three times a week. Fair enough? Feel free to hold me to this. You’re all coaches, aren’t you?

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