Obama acknowledged his wait staff!

As a coach, I’ve become very aware of the need for more acknowledgement.  I’ve said before that acknowlegement and recognition is something that babies cry for, and grown men die for.  There were so many great moments in the Inaugural festivities last week, but one relatively small one, in particular, stood out for me.  In Obama’s speech after the Capitol luncheon, after expressing concern for Senator Kennedy, he acknowleged the wait staff at the event!   I cannot ever recall hearing the president of the United States thanking the wait staff.  Of course, I’ve never been to such an event in person, so perhaps this is a normal occurrence.  The wait staff are the underpraised, overworked men and women who make it possible for any successful banquet to take place.  Clearly, the guests at this luncheon were in agreement with President Obama’s gracious gesture, from the loud and ebullient applause that followed it.

Bravo, Mr. President!

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