Tweet! Tweet! Fun with Twitter

I signed up for Twitter last year.  For the most part, I’ve found it a bit perplexing.  I’ve mostly followed a handful of people, and a handful of people have signed up to follow me.  Not all of these are the same people, and I learned just this week that if you are following someone but they are not following you, you cannot directly “tweet” them, which also means you cannot respond to one of their tweets other than by e-mail.  I read a couple of good posts, such as this one on Julia Stewart’s blog:  How to Get People to Follow you on Twitter (Julia is a fellow coach:  follow her at

I invite you to follow me on Twitter: — once you do I’ll follow you as well.  If you have great Twitter content and are compelling, I might even follow you via SMS text messaging.  At the moment, I follow via SMS only the chatty, but compelling, entrepreneur Peter Shankman of (better known as “HARO”), and my friend Stephanie Grayson-Zane, the terrific corporate speech trainer of (follow her @ — if she lets you!).

One Response to “Tweet! Tweet! Fun with Twitter”

  1. Peter Shankman Says:

    Flattered that I made the cut! Thanks! 🙂

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