Next BlogTalkRadio Coaches’ Corner with guest Tracey Steinberg, Esq.

I had my first show last Sunday night  I’m continuing this weekend with my second Coaches’ Corner with my special guest, “Life Coach Tracey.” Tune in live at 11 p.m. at, or play it back at your convenience.  I welcome calls live on the show, or come to the chat room during the show and post your questions for my guest or me.

Tracey Steinberg, Esq., a New York City attorney and dating coach/career coach/motivational speaker who helps young women excel professionally and marry “Mr. Right.”  After completing her coaching program, Tracey went on to complete advanced programs for both career coaching and coaching singles.  Tracey has had her own television show, radio show and advice column and her expertise on dating and career topics have been featured on Fox News, MNN, Tribeca Radio, and The Daily News.  You can learn more about Tracey on her site,

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