“Living like A Refugee?” Not this Survivor

I’m one of millions, millions, who look for stars to arise, hit it big like a rock star,
oohhh millions, millions who play this game called life  – D-Vvine, “Hit it Big”

You’d have to have your head in the sand not to have heard about the Syrian refugee crisis. My good friend, who performs under the name D-VVINE (pronounced “Dee-vine” – and trust me, she is divine) knows a thing or two about living in crisis, having survived a civil war, leaving behind her whole family and coming to New York City all on her own, with no support.  A talented and very successful musician today, D-VVINE recently wrote a song about hitting it big that reflects the challenges she survived, a darkly humorous song that only a true survivor could sing.  Another line:

And I’m gonna win it, yeah yeah, a-ha, from a world of madness to something so divine.

Here’s D-VVINE’s video: D-VVINE – Hit it Big


Website:  www.dvvine.com

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