About Coach Andrew Poretz

Andrew Poretz, Life/Strategy Coaching

I felt stuck in many areas of my life. I had big dreams but wasn’t doing anything to accomplish them. Andrew’s powerful coaching has me constantly in action and moving towards living the life I have always dreamed about. I now run my own successful business and have experienced an unimaginable feeling of peace with where I am and where I am going in my life.” C.C. New York, NY

Coach Andrew Poretz

As your life/strategy coach, my goal is to help you “win in the game of life,” and to discover how to live into your full potential. I specialize in helping clients to create effective strategies for their professional and personal lives. As your coach, I will help you to bring out your best and make your best better.

My ideal client is typically already successful (or striving towards success), and wants to get to the “next level” in his or her professional or personal life. I especially enjoy working with creative people, entrepreneurs and those in the Performing Arts. Together, as coach and client:

  • We will assess your values, goals and dreams, and create a strong personal vision for you;
  • We will identify the barriers between where you are now and where you want to be and develop strategies for breaking through these barriers;
  • We will co-create winning action plans;
  • We will work on strategies for you to become more focused in multitasking and juggling multiple projects;
  • You will have an accountability partner and brainstorming partner to help you meet and exceed your goals and decide on your next project.

I coach by telephone, with sessions lasting approximately one hour. Some sessions may last longer or shorter than one hour, and there is never any additional fee for longer sessions. I look forward to serving you, and I invite you to contact me for a complimentary trial session, with a free core values assessment!

Andrew Poretz
Life/Strategy Coach
Toll-free 888-283-7476

For my current fees, see my fee schedule.

9 Responses to “About Coach Andrew Poretz”

  1. Mark Schillinger Says:

    I heard you wanted to meet Sterling men in marin from my wife. Call me at 415-472-3292 or 415-827-0959
    Mark Schillinger

  2. Ben Louie Says:

    Interesting. I had no idea what you did for a living until now.

  3. Daphne Evans Says:

    I have known Andrew for a few years and totally support him in this amazing venture. Being the founder of my own non-profit as well as VP of a successful start-up corporation for women, I endorse Andrew and wish him the best in this wonderful opportunity.

  4. DAW Says:

    How can one contact the site without it being posted? There is not Contact Us.

  5. Bindi Says:

    I found you again!!!!!

    You are amazing, what a gift to the universe. Continue on course, passing it on!!!!!!


  6. Karolyn Bo Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Share is caring after all.

  7. Curtis Scroggins Says:

    I am listening to your pod cast and just heard about the recommended reading list.

    Is that available?

    The Podcast is informative!



    • mentorcoach Says:

      Curtis, thanks for your comments! You’ll need to remind me of which episode you’re referring to, since I’ve had several of them where I’ve recommended books. I’ll drop you a note at your email address.

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