One-on-One Coaching

I have several options available, depending on how long you wish to commit to coaching. I also have programs for group coaching, as well as a coach-training program designed for non-coaches!One-on-One Coaching

Choose weekly or bi-weekly coaching, payable in advance of each month.

Save 10%, 15% or 30% if you agree to any longer-term package of weekly coaching.

Group Coaching

A one, two or three-month group coaching package is available for groups of 3-6. Contact me for details.

Coach Andrew Poretz

3 Responses to “One-on-One Coaching”

  1. Thomas Chandler Says:

    OK…..I need to get my ADHD mind in line and connect the dots on this internet life that I want so badly! I have several things going and a new friend of mine from “Startup” – Diane Rosolen
    referred you to me. So, can we meet and see if we are a fit?

    I look forward in meeting you.


    Thomas Chandler

  2. Dee Wheatley Says:

    I am interested in acquiring a coach for my son, Finn. He left university last year with a 2.1 degree from a good university in the UK with a strong desire to go into finance. He had a link established with Merrill Lynch, however all that fell apart when the company disappeared. He has tried, and is still trying, various things this year including developing his own trading strategies but has become a bit despondent and his momentum/confidence has declined. I’m not sure whether you can help but I liked what I saw on your website and the tone/approach you take. I feel he could do with good quality coach support with both a personal and professional dimension. I wonder whether you would be able to provide coaching via Skype? If that is not practicable, would you know of any strong coaches in the UK you could recommend.
    Many thanks,
    Dee Wheatley

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