Next time, I’ll let the chips fall – a lesson about obsession

Sometimes, I get obsessive about things.  I admit it.  Some idea gets in my head, and I can’t just let it go.  This kind of thing can both serve me and disserve me.  After all, my ability to play guitar today is the resuot of my obsession with teaching myself to play the guitar when I was 13.  In this particular case, I’m not sure what to make of it.  

Last year I discovered Beanitos.  These are a snack chip made entirely from rice and beans, no corn at all, and which have a mouth feel and taste that gives me the same level of satisfaction as a good potato chip.  Unlike other snack chips, these are high in protein and, if not as healthy a choice as an actual dish of rice and beans, they at least have gotten me, to a great extent, away from my potato chip addiction.  They are also pointedly free of GMO products, which is a big thing with me.

My favorite variety has been pinto beans with flax seed, which have a great texture with the added attraction of all the great benefits flax seeds are known for.  Recently, I discovered that I could no longer find this variety, but could only find “Simply Pinto Bean.”  Great, but just not quite as amazing as the ones with flax.  (Or as Brad Pitt might confide after a few beers, “Jennifer was awesome, but Angelina is amazing.”)  
I learned from Beanitos’ Facebook page that they reluctantly had to discontinue the product because the process of crushing the flax seeds sometimes caused problems with the product, to the extent that some of it smelled rancid, and their customers “overwhelmingly” did not care for this.  I had never encountered this issue, and the thought occurred to me that they could not have possibly sold out of every bag.  There must be some unsold product somewhere.  I turned, of course, to Google, and searched for my chips.  One after another, I found the chips seemingly for sale, but accompanied by the words “currently unavailable.”  Then I searched for companies that sold things like unsold stock.  Ultimately, I found one company that sold mainly wholesale, and apparently had the chips in stock, either single bags or boxes of nine bags.  I called them to make sure, and learned they had exactly ten bags left.  I ordered all ten for $37.19, including shipping..  

They arrived within a few days.  Usually, when I get something delivered that I bought online, I hear in my head the “Wells Fargo Wagon” song from “The Music Man.”  When the box came today, I did not hear this song in my head. Instead, all I could hear was my dad’s voice, saying, “What are you, meshugenah?  Are you out of your mind?”  Maybe, since I just opened a bag, and… feh.  They smelled stale, and were inedible.

I called the distributor, and they’re sending Fed Ex to pick up the rest of them next week. So I’ll just be out the $3.75 for the bag I opened. 

Next time I get my mind wrapped around something and I can’t let go, I will say to myself, Beanitos!