Naked Mind kickstarter: Special Edition of Coaches’ Corner

I love — it’s an amazing resource that has helped many people fund projects through crowdsourcing in a way that was impossible just a few years ago.  I’ve happily contributed to and helped promote several that have caught my eye.  Last week I met a fascinating, engaging and highly spiritual young woman named Sarah Barab. Image

She told me about her six-year journey to create a movie about the power of meditation, good chunks of footage for which have already been shot, and she told me about her kickstarter campaign for this movie, called Naked Mind.  When I read the website and saw the trailer, I felt compelled to help.  With only little more than a week to go, I wanted to do more than give a small donation.  Of course, I invited her onto my Coaches’ Corner radio show on BlogTalkRadio.  I also offered some of my services to be given away as kickstarter perks.

Tune in now to Coaches’ Corner with guest Sarah Barab and check out her Kickstarter campaign at Naked Mind.

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