Graduation; acknowledgments redux

Last night was Graduation from ICA. Unlike the graduations we experience in high school and college, this event happened entirely over the telephone. It was a great opportunity to reflect on the past two years, and more importantly, a great chance to acknowledge and thank those who helped make this journey the success it was. I was so excited, I actually had on a baseball cap to which I secured the actual tassel of my 1974 high school graduation cap, a memento that had been hanging on my light switch for decades. My father was on the call, which was a great personal thrill, as there’s nothing better than having your father stand proud for your accomplishments. Some people were prepared with what to say when their turn came to speak, and some were not. I was concerned I would be one of the latter group, so I prepared some words and made sure I included everyone I wanted to acknowledge. I deviated somewhat from them, but here are my prepared words for last night’s graduation:


First of all, I want you all to know that I am wearing a baseball cap to which I have attached the actual tassel from my high school graduation cap!

I am not the same man I was two years ago, as anyone who knows me can attest to.

First and foremost, I would like to thank David Wood, a co-founder of ICA, whose newsletters and website led me to jumping into ICA two years ago.

I’d also like to thank all the great teachers at ICA, the voices in my head for years to come, including Karen Capello, Merci Miglino, Jim Clarkson, Lou D’Alo, Bill Turpin, Sheri Boone, Isabelle King, Angela Bird, Ronnie Noize and Paul Litwak. I also must acknowledge Frankie Picasso, who was a huge, huge help to me, and without whom I would not have made it past Foundation Coach. Those instructors I have not mentioned, for whatever reason, I never had the opportunity to be on a call with.

I’m grateful for my men’s team in Men’s Divisions International, where I got so much of the training that led me to coaching.

Thanks to my peer coaches, Bethany and Bluette.

Big thanks to my peer clients, and in particular, Rob Stringer, who showed me that a project I’ve been working on for the past year and a half would actually be a prime candidate for my research paper, for which I got a 96%!

My paying clients who have caused me to grow and stretch as a coach, and tremendously improve my self-confidence.

My fellow students, especially a few people who have become my true friends outside of ICA, like Garry Carlson, who is here on this call.

My personal coach, Barb Robison.

Last but not least, my family, especially my father and my brother, and all my friends who have supported me in this journey.

2 Responses to “Graduation; acknowledgments redux”

  1. Jaya Schillinger Says:

    Congratulations, Andrew!
    I love that you made your virtual graduation more realistic with the tassle on your cap. What a fun way to celebrate.

    I know Karen Capello & Sherri Boone from the school I went to, too. And more synchronicities… my husband is the founder of YMUW (a Sterling off-shoot.) Both of these connections speak volumes–you surround yourself with the best! Birds of a feather and all. : )

  2. Ana Says:

    At the moment I’m register at ICA and it was really nice to find your description of the graduation. I can now visualize how it be mine. Thanks you and congratulations!

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