Editorial: On November 4th, get out and vote!

Get out and vote on November 4th!

Get out and vote on November 4th!

I’m sure by now you know that Tuesday, November 4, 2008 is Election Day. I cannot more stress how important it is for every citizen of our great country to get out and exercise your privilege as an American to vote for the candidate of your choice.

This particular election is perhaps a watershed moment for our country. The last eight years have seen a decline in our quality of life, fears both reasonable and unreasonable, unprecedented levels of government corruption on a national scale, an economic debacle not seen in three-quarters of a century, and a loss of esteem of America in the eyes of the world and to a great extent, within the country itself.

I do not believe that is a perfect candidate for president in this election. Indeed, with the grueling political process, the unrelenting invasions of personal privacy by our media concomitant with its ability to blow every minor flaw or mistake out of proportion, our best and brightest leaders might not even throw their hats into the ring any longer. That being said, we must look to the most reasonable choice.

As a coach, I’m called upon to suspend my judgment and to rarely offer my opinion. However, as a leader in the transformational movement, I am compelled to take this opportunity to take a stand.

It is my assertion and my opinion that there is only one reasonable choice on Tuesday, a choice that offers hope in the face of everything that we’re up against right now. That choice is Barack Obama.

Whatever your choice, wishing your candidate into office will not suffice. Here’s your chance to take action. Vote on November 4th!

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